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  • Roger.M - BEST TANNING LOTION EVER!!!!! MALE REVIEWYayyy I'm the very first to review this tanning lotion :)

    I never thought I'd say I'M TO TAN!!! But yes using this lotion has gotten wayyyyy to tan. I use to go tan 4X's a week but with this lotion I only go 2X's a week or I will literally look like I' mixed with Black! (I'm light skin Hispanic male)
    I've been tanning since I was 16 and I'm 19 now and during that time I have used sooo many lotions such as
    Worship me, Tao, Aphrodisiac, Luminary, White 2 Black, Going GAGA, Sinfully Black, Paint it black, Insanely Black-Tingle, Black storm, Pure Harmony, Verture, Jwwow, Berrylicious, Sun Skin Spa, and some others I can't remember the names of but this is seriously the best lotion I've used! I don't feel the warmth on this lotion not even a little which was a bit disappointing but I don't care anymore because it works better than any painful tingles and the smell is an okay it smell very Unisex for those of you that care too much on smell I personally don't as long as it works and no ATO which is a plus. Works better than those super expensive lotions and it's also very moisturizing and non drying, I give it 5 stars and plus if possible!!! WILL PURCHASE AGAIN!!!
    BTW- shipping was super fast it arrived the next day to KS (Prime Member)
  • Rebecca Razo - My first grand baby is on the way!My 17 year old daughter was Valedictorian of her senior class, got straight As in math and science, and received a full academic scholarship to an Ivy League school. But she couldn't sew, iron or make a pot roast to save her life. She also had no sense of smart fashion or any interest in her appearance whatsoever. I was beginning to think she'd never meet a husband and have babies. And if she did, how would she cook for them?

    One night, while standing in line at the drugstore waiting to pay for my Oil of Olay face cream, I spotted a package of BIC Cristal for Her ballpoint pens. Maybe, just maybe, this was the answer to my prayers. I bought three packs and drove home breathless with excitement. As usual, my daughter was at the library studying for the LSATs. I quickly replaced every pen throughout the house with a BIC Cristal.

    The next morning, I came downstairs to find--miracle of miracles--my daughter wearing my grandmother's apron and baking scones! She had some last minute paperwork to finish before turning in her Master's dissertation, and grabbed one of the BIC Cristals I'd strategically placed in her bureau drawer. "Mom, she said, I just felt so ALIVE holding that pink sparkly pen in my hand!" ....The rest, as they say, is history.

    Today, I'm happy to report that my daughter is a wonderful homemaker! She's been happily married to our son-in-law, Bubba, for nearly 8 months and they're expecting their first baby any moment now. She gave up all of those silly "career" notions and now focuses on what's important: pleasing her husband and making as many babies as she can humanly handle. She also wears bows in her hair and makes a simply divine quiche that would give even Martha Stewart a run for her money. She and the other wives in the neighborhood recently started a Danielle Steel book club. They take notes using only BIC Cristal for Her pens.

    Thanks, BIC, for saving my daughter's life!

    Thanks, BIC,
  • Linda Pagliuco "katknit" - The queen makerHilary Mantel opened her trilogy about the life and times of Thomas Cromwell with Wolf Hall, winner of the Man Booker Prize. Now it continues, seamlessly, with Bring Up the Bodies. It is to her great credit that she breathed sympathetic life into the much maligned Cromwell, who emerges in this series as a humane, decent, and capable individual who might actually be interesting to know. To read these books is to plunge into the world of Henry VIII and his courtiers, who showed remarkable courage - along with naive optimism - as they served this king in his descent into megalomania. Anyone of your colleagues in this world, where survival is the name of the game could, and probably would, become your enemy should the need arise. Thomas is a self-made man, abused by his father and determined to make his way in the world. He seems as surprised as anyone that he, the blacksmith's boy, could become privy councillor to the king. But the comments that the nobles constantly make about his humble origins do rankle. He must refer to a chart to untangle all the aristocratic family alliances, but luckily, Cromwell possesses a long, prodigious memory to bolster his drive to survive. When Henry tires of Anne Boleyn, it falls to Cromwell to bring her down to make way for Jane Seymour. Not an easy task, but Thomas must accomplish it, and who is to complain if he finds that those who had a hand in corrupting La Boleyn are also those who belittled him? It is here that Cromwell's ruthless, brutal side comes to the fore, but Anne's imprisonment and execution are treated with sympathy.

    Should you choose to read Bring Up the Bodies, pay close attention to the detail in the book's first half, because it's of vast importance to the action in the second. Cromwell did what he had to, by his own lights and those of Henry VIII. We don't have to like or admire it, but to understand it is fascinating and edifying.