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  • Martha N. Rhodes - Great self-help infoI would recommend this book for those who need to get help with their intestinal problems. I would also recommend that a simple blood test be taken to rule out a bacterial infection. Our GI Dr. didn't do this . It has been over a year, and now we find out my daughter has had a bacterial infection all along instead of Ulcerative colitis. I am glad I got several copies of this book. It has great tasty receipes and is very informative. It is good to have a support regimen when you are dealing with intestinal problems. I am sure we will continue to use many of the receipes.
  • Bill W. - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 inch with Wi-Fi )Awesome Samsung product !!! Easy set up and works like a champ. Screen size of 10.1 inches is a great size for reading and watching your favorite programs. Works extremely fast without 'freeze-ups' and all the apps that can be downloaded work perfect without problems. Slim design, large screen, and Samsung quality make this tablet a winner over other more expensive tablets. Combined with a couple of options - Bluetooth keyboard and case - clear screen cover and it's a champ!! AAA+++ Well done. Also charging times are not long after you set up and condition the battery for longer battery life. Again Awesome !!
  • Steven Portera "steve-sr" - Where are The Bathrooms?After years of travelling on business trips, going shopping to the mall, grocery shopping or just taking a trip to nowhere, my first question was "where are the bathrooms? I have suffered many years with the bloating, gas, blood, intestinal pain and diarrhea followed by weight loss. Also how many sleepless nights can one take because of the constant intestinal rumblings? This book has been a lifesaver for me. It is not an easy diet to follow but you must be persistent. Elaine's book helped me to the point where I'm no longer on medication and I am no longer looking for the bathroom when traveling!
  • Indigo Moon - Celibate & disciplined hero made this a 5-star bookI have read all of the books in the Maiden Lane series and this one is my absolute favorite! I respect Elizabeth Hoyt as an author because she tends to shy away from the many clichés that you read about over and over again in most romance novels. Winter's character is the perfect example of this. I've never read a book with a character quite like him. He is celibate and disciplined for a noble reason. He works to protect and care for the poor and forgotten inhabitants, particularly the children, of the St. Giles ghetto that he lives in. He dedicates himself to this cause and willingly sacrifices his personal life for it. I always hate the line in many romance novels that "a man has needs" that must be taken care of, like it's impossible for a man to realistically choose to be celibate. Another thing I liked about the story was how Isabel can't help but pester and provoke Winter once she realizes that there is more to him than the stoic persona he displays whenever she sees him at the orphanage. Both characters hide their emotions in different ways and together they break down these walls, eventually becoming stronger better people because of it. I did feel some of the plot devices that others have mentioned in their reviews were unbelievable/unrealistic but it still did not detract from the quality of the story. This book is a definite must read!
  • Jennifer R. Riale "JRiale" - Radical: A Must ReadThere certainly is no "required reading" list for Christians outside of the Bible. HOWEVER, if there was such a list, this book should be at the top of it.

    I found this book to be compelling and convicting, and it is a call for us as American Christians to change. The author, David Platt, contrasts the current American church with the church of the New Testament, and what a contrast it is! We've become so comfortable and have defined God by our own standards. As a result, we're not doing the very work He has called us to do. David Platt's arguments as to why we should change are convicting...because they are 100% biblical. He is not merely expressing HIS ideas as to why we should change; he is expounding upon the truth found in the Word of God.

    The author calls for us to examine our lives and see what changes we can make to live the way God wants us to live...and it's not the way the church as a whole is functioning. David Platt tells incredible stories of "everyday people" like you and me making a difference for the Kingdom, fulfilling their God-given purposes as they live out the heart of God. David Platt makes a strong argument as to why ALL of us (not just SOME of us) are called to help fulfill the Great Commission. If you are willing to take a hard look at your own life, willing to make a change, and willing to count the cost as God wants us to do, this book is for you.