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  • Joey's Girl - Most Useful Software I OwnI've had this software probably close to a year now and I LOVE it. I use it for all kinds of things, such as editing music & video, making beautiful professional quality DVD's, recording video from external sources, and much more. As an example, I had a video of Laurel & Hardy that I recorded on AMC way back in 1992. I hooked up cables from my PC to my VCR, and using Roxio's video capture, I played the video through my computer & captured it. I rendered it in a moderately good quality mp4 format, and uploaded it to my Kindle Fire. Imagine that - Laurel & Hardy, a movie that was originally made in the 1920's, and on a video tape I have from 20 years ago, and I am now able to watch it on a digital device; my Kindle Fire! Of course I can put this video on a DVD too, with beautiful animated menus, chapter selections (adding more videos as more chapters), and all kinds of other options. Roxio is incredible. Another awesome facet of it is that it allows me to capture streaming audio from the internet. Say there's a video on you tube. A performer does a live show and you LOVE the music, and that's the only place you can find it. Well, with Roxio, you can capture that, make it an mp3 in very high quality, pop it on your mp3 player, and listen to it anytime you want! I've done it!
    Those are just a few of the things I love about Roxio. I highly recommend this software, even though this 2011 edition is technically outdated. It still does everything you could possibly want in this type of product, and it's a lot of fun because it's EASY to use, very user friendly and uncomplicated on everything I have tried with it.
    And the work is always perfect. I've never had a failed experience with it yet!
  • Ministerdave - Clear and to the point. Great information and an easy readI read this book through without setting it down. It is written clearly, giving the reader a full understanding of today's medical and pharmaceutical empires. It will make you mad, glad and happy that you bought the book. This information is important for everyone to know and have.