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    The picture you are working on is extremely bright and clear when loaded onto your sketchbook canvas allowing you to work with a great deal of precision. The software is intuitive, you can learn the offered techniques very quickly. You can even create your own brush. A box can be assayed that shows you what the stroke of your selected brush or pen looks like.

    Children could use Sketchbook with a little supervision but the software will easily satisfy adult users. I find it a relief from Painter 12. Painter is so complicated I turn to Sketchbook with relief. For an excellent analysis of Sketchbook I refer you to reviewer Tante Moren's review. She has really said it all! I add my enthusiasm and five stars for this remarkable product that is FUN as well as being efficient.
  • landon edwards - Love this book!Rick Steves writes a great guide book! I found this to be extremely helpful when planning my Italian honeymoon! I have spent time in Italy before, but I am going to see a ton more of it this next trip. Rick's tips on getting around have saved me money already, and his sightseeing tips are absolutely spot on.