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  • Reviewer - Book is fantastic, but take the course as wellI stumbled upon a video of Esther Gokhale on YouTube; it was of her giving a presentation at Google. Based on that video, I bought the book and read it in its entirety.

    I then took the free one-hour course at Esther's wellness center in Palo Alto. It was taught by her daughter, Maya (who is going to medical school this year and is amazingly smart).

    Based on *that*, I then took the full fundamentals course and loved it. You have to take the course if you can. Anyone who is thinking of having surgery should read this book and take the course first. In fact, this course should be required in medical school!

    My posture has been bad my whole life (rounded shoulders) and although I'm not in pain, I wanted to correct it. This course gave me the tools to do that. It's a *process*--so it's something that you always have to be mindful of and practice. You can't have the "surgery" mentality (i.e., I'll do this one thing and that will fix the problem). You need to correct the underlying faulty body mechanics.

    Anyway, this is a review about the book. So, buy the book. It contains more information than what is even in the course, but the course helps you put it into practice. The book also has plenty of pictures to show you how to sit, stand, walk, etc. correctly.

    Buy it! Study every chapter and then decide for yourself. You'll be amazed.
  • sleeve - The Pink Rights ShoeBesides loving the bodacious pink color, I was amazed to find that they are actually much more magical than a wand; even one with its own camera. For years I had been wanting to go to the doctor all by myself, and after donning these magical gems, it happened. After popping these pink pups up there in the stirrups, my Congressman's face turned gray, he dropped his ultra wand as he went running out of there; when usually that is his favorite part. It is truly amazing how Civil the Rights pair of Shoes can be.