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  • "huxley_b2" - A terrific edition to any libraryI want to commend Ms. Karon for her wonderful books. Like so many others I have read and collected many series, but the At Home In Mitford series surpasses them all. The writing is so captivating that you find yourself wrapped up in the story without even realizing it. I know that I personally found myself longing for a more peaceful, simpler, small town existence. I began to long for a place where the people "take care of their own". I have recommended this series to everyone who will stay still long enough to listen. It is just excellent.
  • C. Carmichael "Chris92071" - Great buyAs a typical Amazon Prime user, I have another tablet, but not the Kindle. When an offer of a Kindle came at a good discount, I bought the 32-GB model.

    I am not disappointed.

    Came with my info already loaded
    Easy to use
    Amazon Prime!
    Also add Hulu, Netflix, Skype

    As an iPad user, I had some difficulty with the tablet -- from me, the operator. However outside of that, long battery life, and easy to use.

    A quality and inexpensive add that is great for watching video, gaming, or just being a Kindle.
  • Francine Hardaway "It's not what happens to y... - Perfect for business people, ordinary people, and imaginative peopleThere should be a category called "science fact," because that's the category Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's latest book would fall into. And it is a must read.

    This book isn't Robert and Shel's first collaboration, and it shows. They proudly display the value-add that comes from marrying a bleeding-edge technology hound with a normal guy who interacts with conventional brands.

    Everything they talk about--sensors, big data, geo-location (maps), mobile devices, the Internet of Things and social media-- already exists in one form or another. But the potential of these technological achievements is still in the future. If you don't already have a car that collects data on your driving habits and itself, if you don't already have a wearable (a fitness monitor, perhaps), and a smartphone with Google or Apple Maps, you will. And you will do much more, as the "Internet of Things" becomes a reality.Robert and Shel have been wearing Google Glass, the most visionary of these devices, themselves, and can tell you what it's like, when you might be able to afford it, and how to stop it from scaring your friends.

    If you have ever been to the Consumer Electronics Show and wondered whether a connected washer-dryer, or a door that locks itself remotely through an iPhone app was in your future, it very well might be, so you will probably want to know the impact of all these things on your life: privacy, convenience, personalization, de-personalization, and even cost.

    Can you afford to ignore these technologies? You won't be allowed to. Your insurance provider, your health care provider, and your government are already making plans to use them. You'd best learn how to help them work positively, rather than frighteningly, in your life.
  • carolinaislandgirl - Bravo, Ms.Mantel!A brilliant follow up to Wolf Hall. This is a look at the year or so that preceded Anne Boleyn's execution through eyes of a third person narrator with Thomas Cromwell's vantage point. Just excellent historical fiction and a bit easier to follow than Wolf Hall. And we readers are left wanting more and given a promise of more, so quite a lovely prospect.
  • P. Marie "Moon Lyght" - Quite helpful!I am looking for info that will help me understand some basic filming techniques. This works! I've read it thru once, and plan on going thru it again and practice all of the tips and exercises.

    The reviews of some almost put me off of this one. I'm guessing (as one should never assume :-) that those giving the really poor reviews might be more advanced than some of the info presented. However, based on the title, I figured this was a more beginner type of instructional book. I was not disappointed.