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  • Chuck - The Jefferson Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia arrived promptly, well packed, as described and in good condition.This has been a good experience so far because Jefferson Nutrition communicated with me regularly, updating me on my order and with information about Garcinia Cambogia.

    Although I've been getting a lot of email offers to buy the product from other sources, I still don't know a whole lot about it so I found their free bonus weight loss tips and information on how to get the best from Garcinia Cambogia to be very useful.

    I'm really looking forward to trying some of their weight loss suggestions and will try to report back on the success of my weight loss after I've had a chance to try it for a couple weeks or so.
  • Sunshine21 - A must for the Self-Sufficient!!Excellent range of info. Not you're typical, do this to stablize person then transport to hospital. Covers situations where doctors are not available. Beware, alot of info is not typical of CURRENT US situation. Lots of info on things we in the US have forgotten but diseases/illness that will reappear whenever there is a breakdown in sanitation, nutrition and or disease outbreaks. One of several medical books on my book shelf. A MUST for Preppers and anyone else that believes in self-reliance!!
  • debora k aitken - patience pays offThis has really changed my life, I spent so much work and effort to try to handle unwanted growth, and fitting in professional laser treatments just wasn't realistic for me. I had to get mine replaced, and I don't like that theres no option to turn off the sounds, so it cant be used just anywhere. But other than that, if you keep using this, and on the high setting, you WILL get results.
    I'm also pale with darkish hair, which helps.
    But thank you Tria for making such a product available to anyone at home! It takes away the shame and introversion I had been living with!
  • Beanaford - Wonderfully poignant & beautifulLike thousands of others, i chanced on HONY's Facebook page thanks to a photo shared by a friend. I've been an avid follower ever since. If I ever miss a couple of days, i'd scroll back and go through all the photos, making sure to read the captions, which somehow are so appropriate, but yet so concise.

    Though i'm not usually the type to pre-order pretty much anything, i did pre-order this gem. Got it last night and spent all of this morning, unboxing it, and then flipping through, page by page over a cup of coffee. The satisfaction and pleasure that comes from scrolling through a Facebook page, was not lost in the creation of this beautiful book. From cover to cover, and everything in between, portraits of New York's uniqueness and oneness, in photos, many which i'd never seen before, are highlighted in full, vibrant color, with the key quotes that made HONY so uniquely delightful. I giggled, and felt a bit teary, and ultimately finished the book, feeling bizarrely happy.

    One of my favorite mornings of recent memory.

    This man inspired a global movement. Check out Humans of Karachi, Humans of Paris, etc. etc., and you'll see so many who have been inspired by Brandon Stanton. For good reason.

    He makes you feel the glow of New York.
  • big shopper - This works!I bought this with fear and trepidation as I am a skeptic and believe very little of what one sees on the internet. This hose, however, was a most pleasant surprise! I have 2 of them both attached to each other and they work beautifully. No kidding. I ditched my long hose and large roller attachment that blocked my driveway! I now have my xhose (s) lying in a small spot next to the house....not taking up any room at all.
    The water power is perfect for watering my extensive garden, too.
    Yes, I would heartily recommend this!!!