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  • Gadget Queen "Gadget Queen" - Bose Rocks! WOW! Incredible sound and super easy setup!I was skeptical at first, but ordered the solo anyway (directly from Bose, same price as Amazon, but financing available). I was pleasantly surprised and amazed! Having been actively looking for a home theater system for some time, I was delighted with the solo sound system. What I experienced was NO BASS DISTORTION WHATSOEVER! Full, even-bodied sound. Highs not too high, lows just right, sound clarity amazing, and room-filling sound.

    After the easy connection and turning the unit on (and turning my TV speakers off), the solo tv sound system made my TV sound so realistic it literally brought me out of my chair! From the first moment the solo was turned on, I was immersed in music (classical DirectTV channel) to the point I could distinguish between violins and violas (not easy when listening on regular TV speakers). The highs were crisp and the bass was not overpowering so as to vibrate the entire room (and distort the sound). Everything was crisp, vibrant, full-toned, well-balanced, and a pleasure to listen to! TV shows were even better! Dialog was clearer than with the regular TV speakers, and the system added a real depth to the TV watching experience. DEFINITELY worth the price! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! I kept switching between the TV speakers and the solo to get a comparison, and there is NO comparison! The Solo is an excellent system!

    As a consumer, I wanted a home theater system, but did not want the high expense and all the extra boxes for the extra speakers all over the room. Nor did I want the wires or the wireless setup. When I set up the solo it was only 2 connections: to the electricity and to the television. Boom, done, finis. It can't get any easlier or simpler than that! The price was just right, and compared to other systems listed at much higher prices, the sound was either equal to or surpassed what I had heard before from those other systems (which, obviously, I did not purchase).

    I have owned other Bose products over the years (Bose Wave, Bose iPod Travel Speaker, Bose home stereo speakers), and the quality is ALWAYS top-notch! Same for their Customer Service. The Solo is a fine addition to an already great product line-up by Bose. They really know sound quality! Congratulations Bose! You have a real winner with this sound system!

    GET THIS SYSTEM. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! For me, it was love at first sound!
  • Darren Gatewood - Good film, a little different from the usual fare.I really enjoyed this film. They did an interesting job of combining a modern criminal investigation / medical view of the world with the classic, martial arts chi-energy we're used to the films of the genre.
  • SANDKEYFRED "Sandkeyfred" - Sodastream Soda MachineI have had one of these Sodastream machines for a few years now & it has changed the way we shop in a very positive way. It is very economical to use since it requires no electricity, just cold water & a bit of syrup if you desire. The process takes about 2 minutes & you have a one litre bottle of delicious soda or refreshing seltzer to enjoy. It is very user friendly & even a child could safely operate it with no problem. It has eliminated our having to lug those heavy two litre bottles of soda from the grocery store & then having to dispose of the empties which clog up our landfills. Local retailers are now starting to carry the machine & supplies so you can save on shipping charges which is a huge money saver.