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  • Stephanie Hartman - A non stop adventureI couldn't put this book down! I read it in 4 days. Outlander was Diana Gabaldon's first book, and you can see her writing and style change and improve with each novel. The non stop action kept me glued to each page. As Jamie and Claire re-discover each other, the new characters make the adventure fun. A true romantic page turner.
  • B. Beach - A village health care handbook for Africa, not an EMT manual.Judging this book by its intended purpose it looks very good. Many things are basic like cleanliness, diet, don't smoke ciggarettes, etc. But I thought some were not so basic (and I couldn't find them in my boy scout manual). For example:

    Page 67: the possible medicines needed for injection (Appendicitis - ampicillin or penicillin with streptomycin, syphilis - benzathine penicillin, gonorrhea - kanamycin, etc).

    Page 154: six different vaccinations and the reccomended ages.

    Page 169: a flowchart to care for a person with acute diarrhea (when would you give them metonidazole, or co-trimoxazole, or ampicillin?).

    Page 180: treatment for pneumonia.

    Page 208-210 chart: 38 different types of skin problems which include onthocerciasis, vitiligo, and kwashiorkor.


    Also the basic stuff is so well laid out that I could see it helping a worker organize their thoughts along the lines of "What do I need to check?" or "What do I need to teach those who don't know the basics?". If you were in a remote situation, people were sick wanting you to help them NOW, and THERE WAS NO DOCTOR this manual would be very reassuring to have. Stress can make you forget basics. Or maybe if you were in the States and couldn't afford health insurance and wanted to be sure you were in true need before you went to the doctor who will bill you for walking in the door?