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  • DPS Market Ltd. - The best everThe best dildo ever. 5 stars! Very lightweight and never needs any batteries, perfect for when the power goes out. Didn't know you can use it to slice bananas too. Found out by accident when my mother in law caught me handling one in the kitchen. When she asked what I was holding in my hand, I simply said it's a banana slicer after I realized that it is shaped just like a banana! I don't know if this would pass through TSA security at the airport though.
  • Gerald Lassow - Adds memory to my tablet.I ordered this for added memory in my tablet PC. The memory was recognized instantly, and it works great. Does exactly what I wanted it to do.
  • RobertF - Might not be faster, but it does use less energyNuWave Induction Cooktop PIC/Pro

    I did a comparison of the NuWave PIC to my GE Profile cooktop
    My Cooktop is a flat surface radiant top with a power boil burner.

    I conducted my test with NuWaves 1.5 quart pot (6.5"), and their 5.5 quart pot (10").

    I did a number of test with the power boil feature, and the conventional burners.

    the first test was 3 quarts of water in the 5.5 quart pot.
    I heated the water until an obvious rolling boil (about 195F) - not 212F

    I used a watt meter on the NuWave to see its power consumption
    I couldn't do that on my GE because it was hard wired in so I used GE's specs.

    NuWave - 12 minutes - 1680 watts 8" burner
    Power Boil - 9 minutes - 2500 watts 8" burner
    Reg burner - 11.5 minutes - 2000 watts 9" burner

    After I completed this test I measured the temp of the NuWave surface, it was 190F.
    My GE top was over 500F

    My Power boil beat the Nuwave, however, the power consumption shows...

    NuWave - 336 watts - 10% less than the PB and 13% less than the reg burner.
    Power - 375 watts
    Reg Burner - 383 watts

    It's also worth noting that the NuWave active heating area is only 8" and I had a 10" pot on it.
    My GE Power Boil burner is about 8.5" they call it 8", put the radiant energy would allow the heat to exceed that area, where the NuWave would't have.

    then I conducted the same test using 1 quart of water (6.5" pot).

    NuWave - 4.5 minutes - 1505 watts 8" burner
    Power Boil - 5.5 minutes - 2500 watts 8" burner
    Reg burner - 8 minutes - 1200 watts 6" burner

    Power Consumption
    NuWave - 113 watts 68% less than the PB and 34% less than the reg burner.
    Power - 229 watts
    Reg Burner - 160 watts

    In this case, using the power boil was overkill because I had a 6.5" pot on a greater than 8" burner. that was throwing a lot of excess heat into the kitchen. On the Nuwave, only the area of the pot was being heated because of how induction works.

    Induction is not always going to be faster, that is dependent upon the pot size. If the pot or pan size is greater than the active cook area of the induction surface, my guess is you will have cold spots that you might not have on a radiant top because of the conduction of heat, and the induction surface will take longer to radiate the heat to those areas beyond it's active surface.

    It will cook with less energy consumption. Maybe not a lot, but it is noticeable.
    Also, notice that when I heated the 3 quarts of water in the 10 pot, and then in the 6.5" pot, the power was different (1680, compared to 1505 watts) that's because the smaller pot "activated" (for lack of a better term) less of the nuWave cook surface. you wouldn't get that with a radiant burner. It's either all on, or all off.
    In all my test, neither the NuWave, nor my cooktop cycled on/off. I stuck the spurs to it.
    Regardless of NuWave, or some other brand, the important things to look for would be maximum power ability (NuWave PIC/Pro claims 1800 watts), and the size of the active cook area (nuWave is 8").

    I wanted a portable cooktop for canning. My GE cooktop's power boil is the rear burner, under the vent, and that makes it more challenging to work with a huge pot of boiling water.
    NuWave claims their cooktop is rated for cookware up to 12", and 50 pounds.
    Having looked at several induction portable tops, and reviews, the NuWave seemed to come in favorably. For as much as one can trust reviews. I was reluctant to buy a "As Seen On TV" product.
    And I have no doubt, the cooktop is a loss-leader to sell their cookware. But, I needed induction cookware, and their price wasn't out of line, and it seems to be quality. It still feels like a sucker when you order the cooktop, and they keep offering great deals if you add-on this item, and this item, and this. for now, I'm pleased with the purchase.

    Pros: uses less energy, doesn't heat up the kitchen, it's portable
    Cons: there really isn't any cons...yet.
    MisConceptions: It's faster. Maybe, maybe not, it depends.

    For anyone looking for the nuts-and-bolts of induction, I hope this helps.
  • Mary J. Gramlich - In love, are your choices to either control the relationship, or let it be out of control?Gervasise Angier, the seventh Duke of Clevedon is the most handsome man on any continent. However, Marcelline Noirot did not want him for his stunning good looks; no, she had a much more important mission as she was interested in the woman that would be his Duchess. Marcelline wanted to dress the future Duchess and turn her small Maison Noirot house of fashion into a fashion industry. Marcelline and her sisters created a business that caters to a distinctive crowd among the rich and famous and the one card that will produce a full house for them would be to convince the future Duchess that they are the most creative seamstresses in existence, which they are. Marcelline has an eye for creating exquisite and unique designs that no one can duplicate even though they try.

    The objective for Marcelline has is to bring Clevedon over to her side and whatever feminine tools she has to use to get that accomplished will be used. The one thing on Marcelline's side that Clevedon does not know about is that she comes from a long line of people that have been the most perfect of scammers and getting what Marcelline wants is not the issue, how it will be done, is always the question. Following him to Paris brings her attention, him following her back to London causes the gossips to talk nonstop about them, which is not what she needs. If people think she is his mistress they will run from her shop not to it. While she may be tempted by him she is a businesswoman first and caring for her sisters and daughter come above any need she may have regardless of how much she longs for the touch of Clevedon's hand upon her face, right?

    Nothing stands between the Noirot family and their ability to obtain a goal. Not fire, a spy in the house, runaway children, or a very bewitching Duke. Marcelline tries to control her passion for Clevedon knowing it will ruin both their lives but one night is not enough yet the offer of a lifetime is too much. When presented with the silver platter that has everything she could ever want what decision will she make - save her reputation and livelihood or satisfy her desire and love for Clevedon?

    I am new to Loretta Chase and now that I have found her work it is going to be great fun reading everything else she has written. This book is so romantic and heart breaking all at the same you cannot stand to be apart from it. I found myself sneaking every opportunity I could to get one more page read and another chapter finished. There are allot of unanswered questions that I am sure will come in the next two books and I can't wait for them to be published and so a new reading fan is on Team Chase!
  • Ben Aichele - Wow, the size shrunkThis is my second Roku. I was shocked when I got it because this one is just so small compared to my old XDS. And it works great. I really like this new remote. It is a wifi remote and NOT IR, so you don't have to have line of sight from your remote to your Roku. You can hide the Roku behind the TV and it still works. It is nice having the 3.5mm headphone jack in the remote so that you can watch and listen to the Roku and not bother other people in the same room.

    This is a better Roku than the older XDS.