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  • Robert M. Kerwin - Nothing says "I love you" like a pack o' pretty pensRealizing how badly I messed up my wife's last birthday, I decided I wasn't gonna make the same mistake again. Honestly, I thought she'd love the reciprocating saw--I sure would have! I searched high and low, looking for the perfect gift. Flowers, perfume, chocolates, jewelry...bah! Nothing really seemed special enough for my honey. Then one day I was at the bar throwing back a few beers and shooting pool with the guys, when one of my friends told me about these. I went home and right away ordered a pack. You shoulda seen the look on her face when she unwrapped these pens! Thanks, Bic, for saving me from another night on the couch!
  • Seth Fitzgerald "Seth Fitzgerald" - iPad Mini 16GBI primarily use the iPad Mini for business purposes and I must say that this is the best tablet I have used for just about anything.

    Without a doubt, iOS 7 is annoying on the Mini or any other iPad but I still find it to be a more useful tablet than the ones running on Android.

    If you are already an Apple fan then the iPad Mini is a no-brainer if you can deal with a less-than-amazing screen. If you prefer smaller tablets, the Mini is the way to go but if you really need a high-res screen, Apple has just come out with the iPad Mini with Retina, so buy that if you need to.

    - Seth Fitzgerald, Journalist