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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • J. Davis "four_jay" - Great Game!!!!!!!!!!!This is from my son who is 10 yrs old and loves to play, watch and play video-games with soccer..

    This game is very good. The graphics are great, and there are many more features in this game than FIFA for WII, like in PES, you can go straight to penalty shoot-outs,(instead of having to play a full game, like FIFA) also you can choose the order of your pk takers, and free kickers. This didn't matter to much, but Chelsea F.C. and Arsenal F.C. are called London F.C. and North London F.C. And their jerseys are differnt, but what matters is that the players are all there with their numbers like Chelsea's new signing Edin Hazard, and Arsenal's new signings Lucas Podolski, Oliver Giroud, and Santi Cazorla. The graphics are also incredible, and what I like is most players has it's own playing style, like for example, in PES 2013 WII, when Cristiano Ronaldo steps up to take a penalty kick for Real Madrid and Portugal, he stops at the last second like in real life. The controls are good, but in my opinion, there are too many controls. Almost every control is used for gameplay like 1 and 2 and plus and minus.
  • Seth Fitzgerald "Seth Fitzgerald" - iPad Mini 16GBI primarily use the iPad Mini for business purposes and I must say that this is the best tablet I have used for just about anything.

    Without a doubt, iOS 7 is annoying on the Mini or any other iPad but I still find it to be a more useful tablet than the ones running on Android.

    If you are already an Apple fan then the iPad Mini is a no-brainer if you can deal with a less-than-amazing screen. If you prefer smaller tablets, the Mini is the way to go but if you really need a high-res screen, Apple has just come out with the iPad Mini with Retina, so buy that if you need to.

    - Seth Fitzgerald, Journalist
  • ljohansson - Smart Draw ProductsI have been in the oil and gas business for over thirty years, and I have never found a more useful tool than "Smart Draw" which I use for flowcharts, but has loads of different applications. Because of "Smart Draw" I have been able to offer to my clients totally professional flowcharts for easy reference for mineral title. You could never go wrong with any of the "Smart Draw" products as they are all top-notch professional, and quite easy to use. If you are looking for a tool that will set you apart from all the others professionally, look no further because "Smart Draw" is the tool you need. I love it, and will never use anything different.