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  • Todd A. Migliori - Most Hegemonic Book, Ever,,,,,,,,,,I have read just about everything that is out, and I have a RARE hard to find library of books. This book is a plethora of information, it covers it all, in elaborate explicit detail, in my honest opinion,,,, This book is one of the most indoctrinating books ever written for what the global ELITE have been planning for a long time.
  • Mark H - Perfect!Where was the iPad mini when I was young?! This tablet is the perfect combination of form and function. They just cost too much!
  • Nel J. - Rush made me rush to finish!This was my first time reading a Maya Banks novel. I was very pleased with her style writing and story line. I also liked how she introduced three male characters and each book in the trilogy is a spot light on these men. I don't like to spoil the future reader with excerpts from the book. The book builds. It takes you on a ride. Your emotions will be all over the place and all in all you will not want to put the book down. Some other books I've read we're really good only to disappoint in the end. At the end of Rush I felt my heart would explode! I'm counting down the days till Fever.
  • alohagirl808 - Great stroller!!!The things we love about this stroller...

    -the canopy is big and extends far and when that's not enough, we can push it forwars some so it still shades our daughter but leaves enough space where she can still see.
    -folds easily and collapses into a small footprint so there's more space in our trunk
    -easy recline
    -basket has enough room to store my medium size purse plus a couple of small items
    -My daughter like the bend bar
    -comfortable to push for both me and my husband
    -nice looking, easily to clean, good quality
    -small cup holder

    -tips overs backwards sometimes when we hang our diaper bag on the back and it's totally full (I mean very full and heavy with several bottles of water, snacks, clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, etc) and our daughter is not sitting in it.

    We wanted a small lightweight stroller with better quality than a standard umbrella stroller, and this one is great. Would totally recommend.