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  • Ellery - Amazing with apple juiceI'll have to thank another user who suggested blending the supplement with apple juice. I had originally tried it with berries and bananas, and drinking it was a challenge- the flavors did not blend well for me, and I had to hold my nose. I then tried it with half a cup of apple juice and the rest of my bottle filled with water, and it was perfect! You don't even need that much apple juice to make it taste really great. I feel fantastic after replacing one meal with Raw Meal a few days in a row. I'm also a compulsive eater, and I feel that drinking it quells my feelings of "hunger" by making me feel fairly full and satisfied.
  • P. Mills - Love ItI have a Coby Android tablet but this is faster and easier to use. I have all my books and app in the cloud not on the tablet. It fits me so much better. I'm giving the tablet to my son's family. The picture is so clear and vivid and I can read all my Kindle books on it just like it was the Kindle PaperWhite.
  • Ethan B - Definitely download is the way to go.This review is just for downloading MS Office Mac from Amazon. I definitely recommend it. Although it says it could take a while, I have regular unimpressive Comcast internet service and it took 6 minutes to download. The rest of the installation with updates took another 15 minutes, but that time would be the same with the discs. Easy and cheaper than getting the discs and no wasted packaging.
  • happybuttiredmommy - 7&8-year-olds love itGlad I bought 2 sets (this one and the forest friends set). They were $20 each but you get lot of bang for the buck. Even though they aren't legos we'll be adding them to the lego bin when we're done. The kids will love making houses for all the animals.
    We'll definitely make this an annual tradition!
  • Amber Jordan - Super fast delivery!I actually ordered the this product and two others for my mom. She uses BareMinerals faithfully and she pays so much money for all of the products. I asked her if I could see if Amazon carried what she needed and I found everything she needed. I ordered this brush, the foundation and the mineral veil, which normally is over $100.00 at the store she is purchasing from. Amazon had all three for $63, which includes the shipping. I gave it 5 stars for the price and would give the seller 5 stars as well. Like I said, it was here basically in 24 hours from the time it was shipped. I have made my mom an Amazon believer! Thank you so much!!