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  • Daniel Aberle "Singed Phoenix" - Singed Phoenix's Review: Kaplan GMAT 2011I really don't know how I'm going to review this product without taking the exam, and seeing my score to give you an idea of how this helped. However, since this book has a section on critical reasoning, one would have to wonder if my score was derived from the aid of this book or my own abilities? I've gone over this book front and back for the last two months and one word describes it perfectly...extensive. If anything, if you're not intimidated by the GMAT exam, this book will make sure you are. It goes over the material that you might find, then goes over it again, then again, then when you think you have it mastered, there are more practice tests in the back to make sure you know where you're at.

    What impresses me the most about this book is the value. For such a small price, you get so much content from multiple sources. The book is perfect, but the addition of the CD-ROM and online help goes above and beyond what is expected. (Note: for $5 more, you can get a flashcard app for your iPhone).

    Usually, I'm very critical about my purchases, and I can find a flaw here and there, but holy wow on a stick, this book is essentially perfect. As far as I can see, I can see no flaws, and it deserves my five-star rating. Granted, I'm not slated to take the GMAT until next month, so we'll see.
  • Sandra J Hoover - This book changed my worldThis book literally did change my world. I was told by several doctors that I would never have a normal life again, that there was nothing to do apart from taking steroid drugs and eventually removing the colon. In desperation I looked for another way out. This book clearly laid out why it was happening and how to get back to normal. It states that if you follow the guidelines strictly, with no cheating whatsoever that you can get your health back and in some cases the condition will actually be cured forever. I found this to be absolutely true. For anyone who struggles with the pain and isolation of this disease, please get this book and follow it to the letter. I've now been symptom free for 2 years.
  • imnotjessica - Great Product!For starters- I am 3/3 getting pregnant with this product. I started taking fertilaid at the beginning of my cycle. We had months of not getting pregnant, and the cycle that I used FertilAid I got pregnant(3 out of 3 times). On another note, I have endometriosis, and have very painful ovulation. While taking FertilAid, I barely knew I was ovulating. I am actually considering taking it on a regular basis just for overall female reproduction health!
  • Bradley McArthur - This thing ROCKS!!I love it. two speed. use the high speed only when you need it and save the battery. I did my whole house. counter tops, carpets, steps. light weight. Didnt have to fight to install adapters. Cant wait to do my truck! Wish I had purchased it years ago. No more wrestling with my upright POS. Just push a button and the dirt falls out. LOL How cool. Didn't know my house was so dirty. I fills up quickly. Get one!! This thing ROCKS!