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  • Sean Wen - affordable and solid SSD for a really good price!I recently had an internal upgrade for my 2009 13" macbook pro 5,5. I was between Crucial & OWC. I ended up with Crucial because it is the brand of choice from Tekserve (a nyc based mac repair shop/ retailer). Easy installation and cloned the hard drive with CCC. Everything works great. Boot time is about 5 to 8 seconds now and can open & run 6/7 applications at the same time under 10 seconds.

    It almost feels like i have a new computer now.

    the only downside is that the firmware was still 2.0 shipped by amazon instead of the latest firmware that crucial advertised on their site.
  • k. Jackson65 - Cleared acne in 10 daysI had always wanted to give Proactive a try. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding this product so I figured I'd give it a shot. I had a problem with acne on and off for years. I thought it would be a thing of the past when I became an adult but I guess not. I read reviews of several people who saw outstanding results when they combined the Proactiv system with an acne pill called Clearzine. So I decided to do the same. I did not expect this stuff to work so well in a month's time, much less the 10 days it took to completely wipe out my acne. I am so impressed with this combo and my face hasn't looked this clear in years. If you want your skin clear fast, these two seem to be a winning combination. I would highly recommend them. It's been two months since and I haven't had another breakout.
  • Amanda Engebretsen - Love my QuickBooksI use QuickBooks on a daily basis at my day job, but, needed a copy on my home computer since I do freelance work on the side. This has been a great purchase for me. I have already made my money back and more since I have the ability to create company files for my clients and manage their books easily and efficiently.

    I am a QuickBooks Certified User for version 2012, and I must say, I really like 2013 and can't wait to receive my certification for this version as well!

    If used correctly, QuickBooks is a great tool for managing your companies books and staying on top of your finances.

    Highly recommended.
  • vlculver - Most Enjoyable, Easy, Effective Cleanse I've Ever Experienced!Before ordering this cleanse, I read tons of the reviews and even though I was already a huge fan of Garden of Life, I must say I was a little frightened by what some were saying about the taste ("vomit" - really????) and texture ("gummy" "hard to swallow")....

    Well, I'm on Day 6 (I wanted to post on Day 1 but thought I'd wait so I could be sure to give a full and honest review). ****IT'S FANTASTIC!**** The taste is absolutely, perfectly fine and enjoyable. I experienced absolutely no gumminess nor hard to swallow issues. I honestly have NO IDEA what others were referring to.

    I followed the instructions to the "T", ate clean the whole time, and I've even lost 2 lbs. The weight loss suddenly appeared on Day 5 after having been on quite a plateau (2 months). Elimination was gentle, although a couple of nights I felt a little compelled to go to the bathroom as soon as I awoke. My normal eating habits are very clean already and I take a daily probiotic, so I was surprised at how much "stuff" was hanging out in my colon (& other organs I suppose). Regardless, I feel fantastic. I love this cleanse so much I would do it continuously for months on end but I called the company and they only recommend doing it once ever 3-4 months.

    One of the best things about this cleanse is that you eat normal meals the whole time, so it's EASY! Especially, if you have others in your household that you're cooking for or dining with, it can be a pain to have to be the only one who doesn't eat because you're drinking your juices or whatever. I highly, highly recommend this product. No hesitation whatsoever.

    Below I'll give you my take on the taste and texture for each of the 3 components plus a few tips in case this helps you decide:

    #1 Toxin Defense (powder)
    Small packet of powder that you start your day with (before breakfast), pour in your mouth, take a swig of water, and swish around like mouthwash for 45 seconds, then swallow.
    TASTE = mildly fruity, can faintly taste a hint of the pineapple
    TEXTURE = when the powder hits your tongue if you don't add the water quickly it could get gummy but as soon as you add the water and begin swishing, there's no texture

    #2 Organ Detox (capsules)
    Capsules that you take with your breakfast and lunch meals, swallow 3 capsules with each meal (breakfast and lunch only), apparently you may also open the capsules if you prefer or have trouble swallowing capsules Note: these are normal sized capsules
    TASTE = none
    TETURE = none

    #3 Digestion & Elimination (drink)
    Mix 2 level scoops with at least 12 ounces of water at bedtime, I used a blender bottle to shake it up with cold water and then drank it down, others have said not to let it sit for too long or it make get thick due to the chia seeds
    TASTE = mildly earthy with a hint of grassiness, tastes waaay milder than my normal green drinks
    TEXTURE = a bit gritty but not overwhelming, most of the seeds settle at the bottom so keep swirling in between swallows, the last swallow or two may have tiny seeds but they are not unpleasant nor do they have any flavor

    TIPS for Maximum Effectiveness:
    -Drink lots and lots of water. They recommend 64 ounces per day but I drink more than that.
    -Eat Clean for the Full 7 Days: No dairy; no gluten; no processed; no added sugars; no sodas; no alcohol/beer/wine*; limit your caffeine to 1-2 cups per day or eliminate; eat as much organic as possible; eat as many fresh veggies & fruit as possible, especially cruciferous veggies like broccoli, endive, radicchio; eat lean protein (organic) and wild caught fish; be sure to get your healthy fats in such as 2 Tbsp of olive oil per day. *I did drink alcohol once & wine once but went with organic both times and only had one serving.

    Overall, it's fine, don't worry! If you're nervous, just smell the contents before you consume and you'll see there's nothing weird nor off-putting. All natural ingredients from the earth!
  • Jarek Hunger - Harris wields logic like a flaming swordAfter watching many videos of his debates and discussions I was compelled to pick up his book and really dig into the long-hand version of his argument for rationally based human values for which we can apply scientific tools. I was not disappointed. Sam Harris does a fantastic job of basing his claims in sound reasoning as well as addressing common dissents. If you can come away from this book without agreeing that there IS a strong basis for moral reasoning for which we can apply science; I don't believe you actually read the book.