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  • Alyjgarcia - Love the Mini!As my first Keurig, I am so impressed by the Mini Plus! I only drink about 1-2 cups of coffee and this perfect for a college student, like myself, but it would be great for anybody! It only takes a couple minutes to make my coffee, which is so much faster than my old coffee maker! I LOVE the colors that this comes in and it was definitely a good investment.
  • Shera - I love it. Easy and stays cool.I have chemo-induced menopause and continued hot flashes from the drug I am advised to take for 5 years.... I bought the Chillow in May. All I can say is that I LOVE MY CHILLOW. I filled it once -- I was concerned about not getting the air pocket out (after reading other reviews) -- but it was simple to follow directions. All I need to do is lay it flat to reset the coolness... and it is simply lovely. I use it for my head and upper back.
  • Jeff Rasley - Lose your Footing, Lose your HeadMantel relates the rise and fall of Ann Boleyn and the consolidation of Thomas Cromwell's ascendancy as the chief adviser and Master Secretary to King Henry VIII. Cromwell's power is extensive. He maintains his position through cleverness and hard work. But, with the wave of Henry's hand, Cromwell could lose all the power he has accumulated as well as his head. Many of Henry's friends and courtiers lose their lives, properties, and titles by opposing his intention to divorce Catherine and marry Ann. More lose theirs' when Henry decides he wants to be rid of Ann. Cromwell negotiates the tightrope walk of staying within Henry's grace and doing the King's bidding, while others lose their footing and heads.

    I found Mantel's use of language in "Wolf Hall" too precious with trills and filigree. I must have gotten use to the style, or it became more grounded in "Bring Up the Bodies". Because it felt beautiful and controlled in the latter book. The story came through more strongly, while her word choice and phrasing is still artfully impressive.False Prophet, a Legal Thriller
  • Campbell Roark "tri-zeta" - Informative, Clear, insightful- biological paradigm shift...... but written for the average joe or josephine!!!This isn't just a book about parasites- it's an introduction to a new way of perceiving the world around us, re-evaluating our place in a biological, ecological and evolutionary context... Zimmer writes with clarity and interest about the wonders of parasitic organisms- how they are a driving force in evolution, how they penetrate and manipulate their hosts, how they are not (as was thought previously) the dregs of the evolutionary process- if anything they are the engines of life. He also discusses how hosts can change against their parasites... And how parasites can change over time- for example, the mitochondria that power our cells are very similar to one of the more lethal diseases known to man, in fact, both probably evolved from the same ancestor!!!!!!!! Furthermore- mammalian fetuses could be classified, possibly as parasitic organisms- they rewire the mother's blood-sugar levels and secrete chemicals that leach away the various chemicals that the fetus demands to grow... the mother tries to combat this process as an unchecked fetus could drain her and take away her capacity to make more children. But the fetus has inherited a number of enzymes from the father that attempt to latch on and break the mother's control over her own body. These and myriad other insights into biology are woven together wonderfully. I couldn't put this book down!Zimmer travels the globe and his anecdotes concerning the various parasitologists are almost as much fun to read as the protracted discussions of the parasites. It is a budding field in biology and full of colorful characters. He also writes about parasites in films and pop culture, such as the Alien series... I couldn't imagine anyone else making a species like 'Sacculinae' (I know I miss-spelled that) come alive (they infest crabs, basically turning the crabs into castrated barnacle spawners). Zimmer does. At times it's a horrifying read: Nature doesn't love you, but she sure coddles toxoplasma and legions of other parasitic species, whose ranks are spread across every animal kingdom. Guinea worms, Sleeping sickness, Fleischmania (eats away the flesh of your face), the Candiru, the botfly- if you have a penchant for the macabre and disgusting you will not be let down. But this book isn't just to disgust and delight readers... It's illuminating and clear- approachable in a way that very few scientific-works-for-laypeople are. I can't wait to get my hands on other books by Mr. Zimmer. If Parasite Rex is any indication...5 enthusiastic stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!