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  • Michelle F. Blair - Not perfect, but simply excellent...This product is really a great thing for naturals to try. It provides excellent slip, definition, and hold on wet two strand twists. It's not perfect. But what product is perfect? The secret to making this work well is a bonus: try to use it as sparingly as you can because if you use too much, you will see flakes. Also, another product with more weight/moisture is needed to complement the Meringue, in my opinion. So, that's exactly what I do. I've complemented it with Frederic Fekkai's piecing and forming wax (super for twist definition and style longevity); with Carol's Daughter's Mimosa Hair Honey (a little too much on the oily side, but great for sheen and maintaining separation between individual twists when they are taken out); and with random butters that I have mixed.

    Overall, I think Miss Jessie's products do not carry enough weight/moisture (for me). I like to feel the moisture in my hair for several days out after a wet two strand twist. I have tried the buttercreme and the pudding, and they did not provide enough moisture. The Meringue doesn't either, but what wonderful slip! My hair is so smooth and silky once this product touches it! For this reason, I think this product is awesome! And who new? You don't even need to use that much of it for each application. I actually stopped buying the 16 ounce jars because they lasted too long. The Meringue is also on the lower end of the price spectrum for Miss Jessie's products. So, the value on this relative to other products from Miss Jessie's is tremendous. The main drawback is that you need to complement Meringue with at least one other product to lock in more moisture for wet two strand twists.

    P.S. A note to those with super thick hair (like me): the smaller the twist and the longer you give your hair to COMPLETELY dry, the longer the twist out will last. This advice may also be useful to other hair types. My trick: Twist the hair so beautifully that I can comfortably wear it twisted as a style for several days to let it dry, and untwist it to last for another week to week and a half... Voila! I hope more folks join the club of African naturals. I have not been to a salon in 4 years. It is liberating in itself and enriching to help other girls and women of color see that it can be done!
  • G. Ware Cornell Jr. "anotherlawyer" - Great comfort for 3DOur new Samsung UN55ES7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black) came with four perfectly good pair of 3D glasses- good for everyone except my wife who prefers to wear her prescription glasses while watching TV. Shopping for a solution I found these Samsung compatible (2011 and 2012 model sets) 3D glasses.

    The 3D glasses easily fit over a pair of eyeglasses, which is exactly what my wife wanted. Her obvious comfort inspired us to test them for ourselves and shortly after the end of a 3D movie two more pair were ordered from Amazon.

    Unlike the manufacturer Samsung's supplied glasses, these third party devises do not rely on regular hearing-aid batteries, a recurring expense which increases the cost of the product. The 3Active glasses have a built in rechargeable battery, a mini-USB cable and a wall adapter. Charge maintenance has been excellent. So far has been that they have maintained a charge over several days of nonuse, enabling all of us to watch feature films with the need to pre-charge or recharge.

    Because these glasses are sturdily constructed like eyeglass frames, they do not slip around during a movie. The effect of this is to make the whole 3D experience that much more enjoyable.
  • Yoelish - The negative reviews were helpful in telling me to look at this book, why?As a Jew, I never cared about Christmas. However, after reading the negative reviews compared with parts of the book itself, I BOUGHT the book as a good buy. Now I comment after reading it on my Kindle. Sarah Palin does a fantastic job in illustrating how the atheistic culture of Self Absorbency took holidays (Chanukkah and Christmas) from religious freedom to materialism.

    The negative reviews were crucial in getting me to look at this book, because I was curious to see why so many negative reviews, yet not a single of them came from a Verified Purchaser. As a lifelong Democrat, I never cared about Sarah Palin and did not vote for her, while I voted for Obama. However, when I read Good Tidings and Great Joy, I realized the name says it all. The book concentrates on the spiritual values of Christmas and Chanukka, while exploring Sarah's personal experiences of the holiday. In a short explanation, these negative reviews are all atheistic of individuals who fail to attack this book on its merits but are absorbed in their own ego.

    None of the attacks can criticize the book on its substance, while all these negativity is limited to character assassination of Sarah Palin.
  • J. R. Cooke - Sure beats 2005We've needed to step up to a more recent version for quite some time, and this has all the latest bells and whistles included, such as the latest .Net components and Win8 specific controls. It's admittedly not as colorful as 2010, but I'm still looking forward to developing with it for the next few years.