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  • Louie - Kaspersky Internet Security 2012This is a product that I forgot to review. What better to say than to state that I have already reviewed my 2013 edition?!!! Before that expires, we'll purchase the 2014 edition. We are that confident in this internet security program.
    Since switching to Kaspersky in 2011, we have not gotten a single internet virus.
  • Matthew C. Fraley "65MustangFan" - Great OSI have to say that this OS is pretty good despite what many have said. They have a right to there opinion but there are many things it seems they are taking for truth without trying to really use the system. I have honestly seen a few people who refused to use this OS because of things they had heard on tech sites that I easily demonstrated simply was not true. I also am a user who has plenty of PC experience across different OS. I do a lot of coding in C, C++, C#, HTML, Python, etc. I work in Linux, Mac OS, Windows OS, and some Android. So, I have some experience.

    This OS is faster than Windows 7 in every test I have tried. Programs seem to start and respond slightly faster. Not really a huge amount though so not a big deal,

    Programs work just as well here as they did in windows 7. I was able to run all my Visual Studio versions, Maya 2013, Mudbox, Blender, Adobe CS6 software, and all my games including the ones through Steam.

    Now to the start screen. This thing is simple and I mean simple to use. You can easily organize program icons/tiles anywhere. You can even label categories. We have a section at the beginning for commonly used programs for the wife and kids. Then they each have a section for things they use that the others really do not. My wife had heard plenty of negative stuff and was a little hesitant to use this OS until she tried it and then she wondered why so many are saying some of the things they are. She had a few friends try it and they were shocked as well. 3 of them actually purchased the software through were they work right after that. Same can be said for my mother, mother-in-law, and a few other relatives. They were under the same impression until they tried it and found it so easy. And not one of them would even remotely be considered tech literate. They have to call me for even the most minor things.

    From the start screen you can very easily click the desktop icon/tile. This takes you right to the desktop instantly. That is what I do almost every time. There is a rare time where I need something quickly that is set to the start screen which really does save a little time. But generally I am on the desktop. I have programs set to the bottom of the screen on the taskbar. Those programs are easy to get to and show an icon. Truthfully I could just use the start menu and hit the icon as well but I just generally go to the desktop as I like the background I have set. I personally do not miss the start menu. The start screen is basically the same as everything can be accessed from there. You can set it so that the icon/tiles that appear at start up are just certain ones. But is you want you can easily view them all. And having them as icons and text is much better than the long text menu that popped up with the windows start button.

    Generally I have not found one thing that does not work. I have not found a single issue other than a quick learn of where the shutdown option was or learning how to access the complete program list. Took all but a minute. And after working with enough people demonstrating this OS for them I realized that anybody can learn to use it quickly. It seems that for a few the issue was it was not like what they were used to. But they adapted quickly. And once they did they all liked it and some thought it was much better than their windows 7 setup.


    A little quicker than Windows 7
    Start screen (some my not like it but it is easy to use and I like it better than the start menu)
    Improved Security
    Easy to learn (no, it does not have a steep learning curve at all)


    Having to learn a couple of things that changed from windows 7 (namely the loss of the start menu icon)

    In the end, though, there is honestly no reason to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. You may gain a little performance but it may not be much of a difference. It really all depends if you like the new start screen. If you are fine with it or like it then upgrade. If not then do not. It may also depend on if you own a windows tablet or phone as the interfaces are more similar to the start screen. I prefer the start screen to the start menu as I find things are just as easy to find and I like the setup. Never was a fan of the long start menu program list. All that said Windows 8 is really nice and is very easy to use. I have found that I have saved a little time by using the start screen with certain things in my business. A click in the corner and then a click on the right icon and I am there.