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  • A. Buchmann - Wonderfully Written and Great fun to readI really enjoyed this book. As one who is only a couple years younger, I can truly empathize with Billy's feelings about becoming this age. But his account of aging is such fun to read, that it makes me look for the humor in my own journey. We should not complain about aging as it is a privilege denied to many.
  • Tijs - Just overjoyed with it!I am in position of an iPad 3th gen and now I got the iPad mini. It took me a while to decide on it whether or not I would even need it but having it for 3 weeks now I did need it. First of all for the money you get a high quality Apple product, which is fully capable to meet with the demands that are expected from it. The nice thing about the size is that it is exactly right for holding it in one hand without being to heavy or the display being to small. I hardly use my old iPad, which already says it all. If you are thinking about buying an iPad and you need a light tablet that is just as good as the big once I would advice buying this one. The batterylife is really good and the display also preforms good in he outside daylight. All and all it's a full Apple worth mini iPad. The only advice I can give for now is wait on the 15th of October because speculations say that on this keynote an new iPad mini will be presented with retina display.
  • John Doe "altosaxmaestro" - Lay Down Your Pitchforks!As a 14-year old Republican, I am often made fun of for my beliefs (by the way, I have straight A's, participate in speech and debate, and am involved with the music program). Ms. Coulter's book was a breath of fresh air to me after so many short, annoying, hypocritical democrats walking up to me during school and calling me a neo-nazi. Now, I'm not going to try to enforce my beliefs on you, I just want to try to review this book from a non-biased view.

    First off, this book is hilarious. Even if you are a moronic, stupid, phyco liberal, you have to admit that Ms. Coulter is funny. Secondly, she has a lot of research to back up her arguments, making her arguments more than just assumptions.

    Just read the book. Don't let your partisanship take over your sensability. Oh yeah, and try Ayn Rand too. I'm sure she'll make all of you democrats scream in anger!
  • Texas Lawyer - The most important criminal justice book since Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow.For anyone wondering how we ended up doing the backstroke right into the middle of a police state, THIS is a must-read book. Over the last 30-50 years, we've given police carte blanche to behave as an occupying force, wearing uniforms that obscure their faces and badges, holding non-violent, unarmed people at gunpoint, and in many cases killing pets, suspects, and bystanders "by accident." And it all goes down as "isolated incidents" -- but too many isolated incidents creates a pattern, and that pattern evinces cultural and procedural problems that deserve to be respectfully addressed.

    The police can either 1) maximize law enforcement, or 2) maximize protecting individual rights. They have tipped the balance so far that now SWAT teams are breaking down doors -- for a neighborhood poker game. As Balko points out, regulatory agencies and administrative government agencies now have their OWN SWAT teams.

    This only serves to maximize violence, and every citizen -- suspect or bystander -- gets to be treated like the enemy.

    This is the most important criminal justice book since Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow.