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  • Midas Gold - Have Questions? Need Support? Join the SCD Listserv!There's a very active listserv (e-mail support group) for followers of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ("Breaking the Vicious Cycle"). Feel free to join, meet other SCDers, share support, get your questions answered, and swap recipes. Here's how to subscribe:Send a blank e-mail (no subject, no message) to:SCD-list-subscribe@longisland.com (regular subscription) or SCD-list-digest-subscribe@longisland.com (digest subscription)Once your subscription is confirmed, go ahead and post an intro to:SCD-list@longisland.comSee ya there! :-)MG / Crohn's disease, 18 months on the SCD (so far), in remission, medication-free, and feeling terrific
  • GMS - Price TIPFYI - Walgreen's Drugs sells for $149 and the replacement tips for $25. Much better price. Just purchased yesterday and can't wait to try. A friend of mine 24 years ago was married to a Doctor and told me of the advantages of zapping high intensity heat into a pimple to destroy the bacteria and make it heal. Apparently, it has taken this long for someone to actually put it all together and market it. Good for them! Sounds like it is a good product that is in fact helping most.
  • Carl Thomas Wilkinson - Great ReadThis is an exciting and original way of introducing readers to The Count of Monte Cristo. Sherlock Holmes with asides including Dr. Watson in this retelling of Dumas' masterpiece allows the Holy Ghost Writer to express the tale in a condensed version.

    Leave it to Sherlock Holmes to start picking out clues in the very beginning of the tale. I found myself going back over each passage trying to ferret out the clue.

    Also at the beginning of this tale we're able to identify the good, the bad and the despicable. Each one with distinct personalities that are easily identifiable and intelligent.

    Even though the French and the old English versions of The Count of Monte Cristo were referenced for the book, the Retelling by Sherlock Holmes manages to be much more intricate and exciting. This is Book I of a trilogy, with Book II being The Sultan of Monte Cristo and Book III the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. There is a preview of The Sultan of Monte Cristo with this book.

    If you haven't yet read The Sultan of Monte Cristo, you will now know to read it as Book II of this trilogy. The Sultan of Monte Cristo is a very understandable, interesting look at the Count. The Holy Ghost Writer already had me hooked on his work with the Sultan. Now I get even more of The Holy Ghost Writers original voice, giving us another view into the story of The Count.

    Enjoy this wonderful trilogy, beginning with The Count of Monte Cristo as Told by Sherlock Holmes today!
  • Karl Pedorski - Nothing finerTuscan Whole Milk.

    You will not find a better gallon of any liquid this side of the liquid gold plantation out in Kentucky. Me and mammy wait every day for the delicious Tuscan milk that only them filthy Tuscans themselves can make right. What with all the homogenization and refrigeration these days, it seems like milk just ain't what it used to be, thankfully Tuscan Whole Milk is doing its best to bring about change.

    Mmm mmm, there's nothing like the feeling of that smooth, delicious milk running down the back of your parched throat. It brings me back to the days of my youth, poor but proud. Mammy would bring home a jug of freshly picked moo-juice for me and my 13 brothers and sisters, and we would all try to get what we could from that steaming fresh drink. I was the smallest, so I never got any. I still loved it though! Just the thought of having some of it made my mouth water.

    That's why now, after 7 years and 12 deaths in the family, I'm glad to finally get some of that luscious Tuscan whole milk. Me, Mammy, and my brother Cletus all slowly take in the sweet smell of Tuscany, and remember our beloved departed. We remind ourselves that milk, like a fine wine, ages gracefully. That's why we store our milk in the potato cupboard for seven weeks before we drink it.

    I'm not saying Tuscan Whole Milk, in all of its 128 fl oz glory, is the right choice for you and your money-conscious family, but just remember this old parable that Pappy used to tell us before he left us for a milk-maid:

    "There'll be plenty of time for life experiences later on; savor your Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz like it was your last. Now bend over and spread 'em."
  • JIsaacs8 - Save your phone battery and use the iPad MiniI love my iPad Mini. I was using my iPhone for everything you can imagine and it was draining my phone battery. Whenever I got a call, it would kick off my game or whatever app I was running. Now that I have the iPad, I pretty much only use my phone as a phone and I can talk while still using my apps. Another thing I noticed while using my iPhone was the considerable amount of eye strain it was causing. The larger screen on the iPad mini is perfect. I also like the size of the mini versus the regular iPad. It's small enough to tote around with me where ever I go and it sits nicely on the couch arm if you have a case that props it up. I highly recommend the iPad if you want a larger gaming area for games such as Hay Day and Candy Crush.