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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • HDRIDER65 - Awesome setup for an HDI have this unit mounted on my 09 HD Ultra Classic. Works seamlessly.
    Using a Kuryakan Fuel Door GPS/Accessory Mount. With the external speaker jack and integrated MP3 player plugged into the bikes AUX input. I listen to my music through the built in MP3 player, GPS pauses the music and speaks directions. I can use bikes volume controls. Rider to rider communication and CB still work flawlessly. I have bought a second one just incase mine gets jacked or busted.
  • Judy - GreatThis works great, but for me I just take 2 pills instead of the 4 pills twice a day. This was easier on my stomach.
  • L. Pack - It really works!I ordered this product on a whim because even though I'm not very overweight I always show any weight gain in my face. The last decade or so I hate to see pictures of my self because I see chimpmunk cheeks ,slight jowls and a double chin.I did'nt tell my husband I was ordering this because I knew he would tease me about buying a "contraption" .I recieved the neck genie in the mail about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I use it for just a couple minutes after brushing my teeth.I have to say my old jawline is coming back very quickly!My husband keeps telling me how pretty I look but he does'nt seem to know exactly what the difference is.I plan to use the neck genie as a permanent lifelong routine.Who knows maybe in my 60s I'll look like Susan Lucci LOL!
  • Christian Escobar - Excellent shoes!!!!These shoes are great! They perform well for long rides but they are best suited for commuting since they weigh more than high-performance cycling shoes. Sizes do run small however, so order one size larger than your normal size. I highly recommend them! I commute 9 miles each way and they have worked out very well for me.
  • S. Woodruff - Cheaper than digital downloadStrange that packaged and mailed software is $10 cheaper than the digital download from blizzard.net themselves, but with Prime shipping, I was happy to wait a day or two to get the software and save $10. Since then, i've been playing d3 a ton... love this game. Already beat it at normal difficulty and now am going through on the harder level... while working to push my Demon Hunter towards level 60. Tons of replay value and tons of fun.