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  • A. Macmillan - A Must Have for your new Jeep!!I recieved the set (Cargo Mat & front/rear mat) as part of a package that came with the vehicle. Even if the mats didn't come with the truck, I would have bought them! They are great, I'm currently using the cargo mat, and will use the floor mats for trips to the beach and once winter hits. The cargo mat is sturdy, keeps everything from sliding around in the back. It's easy to remove for cleaning. Would highly recommend to protect your 2011/2012 Jeep!!
  • Deborah Onnembo - DR Phil rocksDr Phil is the best. He gives advice in a no nonsense way. He is real and cares. If one really reads and tries to understand his books one can incorporate all or even some into your life. I feel he really knows what he is teaching and talking about. . He definately is not a quack like some other doctors on television. If people are serious about looking at themselves and are serious about changing the negative within themselves Dr Phil is the one to learn from.
  • John B - Political InfluenceA well written historical book about a lot facts that people don't always realize that were there during the life of Christ. I thought that it really helped me to understand the politics involved in the crucifixion of Jesus and it did a good job of bringing the reality of it to light in a sense of why it had to happen the way that it did.
  • Bob Swain "Seattle" - FANTASTICAL!I am 11 years old, and I asked my mom if I could try Proactiv. I had watched all the commercials and I thought I should try it. My mom ordered it for me, and it was AWESOME!!!! On the first day my skin already started to heal. I have oily skin, and it is my forehead that had a bunch of red bumps and occasionally zits. I know Proactiv isn't really meant for kids, but I got the starter kit with the three step system, the green tea moisturiser and refining mask. I haven't tried the moisteriser or mask yet though. The 3 step system works really well though. I was reading a bunch of reviews and they said that some peoples skin got dry and red. Well my skin was red and oily to begin with and my skin is actually calming down. So, if you are like my age or something then I would recomend Proactiv.

    (And if you are wondering why my username is my dad's name it's because I am on my dads account)